Work Boots – Steel toed

Work Boots – Steel toed and First Responder

While most work boots for men and women are steel toed there are also other types of career specific work boots. There are many reasons a person would need work boots but the main reason is for protection of the feet. The Occupational Health & Safety Administration requires most industrial companies to have their employees wear steel toed work boots for employees safety and protection. The OSHA regulation requires employees to wear steel toed work boots and protective head gear for any job that introduces the risk of electrical hazards, falling or piercing. If equipment could fall or if an employee is around heavy machinery then steel toed work boots are required. In the early 1900’s steel toed work boots were used around construction sites, after WWII steel toed work boots became common in industrial work environments.

Wearing steel toed work boots on the job will meet OSHA requirements as well as provide numerous other benefits to the employee wearing them. The use of work boots will protect feet from falling debris, provide comfort to the men and women wearing them, and they are slip resistant which will provide safety from falls for those wearing them. In addition to these reasons, steel toed work boots are also very durable and can be purchased at numerous types of retailers.

Those looking to purcahse steel toed Work Boots From Brand House Direct can find them at many mass retailers such as Walmart and Target as well as uniform specialty stores that work directly with certain companies. Online retailers such as Amazon and specialty shoe stores also carry a large selection of steel toed work shoes. Work boots can be purchased in a few color variations such as black, brown and camel and typically lace up. Some also come with a side zip closure in addition to laces. While they are thick and durable they are also quite comfortable with socks of various thickness.

Not all professions require steel toed work boots but do have specific work boots non-the-less. Often times law enforcement officers, medics, fire fighters and other first resopnders will be required to wear work boots. The work boots that first responders wear are different then those of construction and industrial workers. First responder work boots are usually light weight and flexible allowing for the running ability of a gym shoe but the durability and protection of a booth. First responder work boots lace up and can have zipper side closures but are not as easily purchased. These boots are typically departmentally required and provided by uniform stores that work with each first responders department. Sometimes these boots can be purchased at specialty shoe stores or other working uniform shops as well as online as long as they meet strict dress code requirements. First responder work boots are also commonly only seen in black. Whether a professional is seeking construction, industrial or first responder work boots they will find a decent selection of styles and options available. Work boots are important safety gear for professionals.

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